Tsekaka Peaberry • Papua New Guinea

Limited Quantity Single Batch Seasonal Release



Our Tsekaka Peaberry is the perfect roast for Spring! The Peaberry bean is highly sought after and are estimated to only make up about 5-10% of a harvest. These peaberries hail from the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea, an area that produces renowned coffee beans thanks to the amazingly fertile soil. We let these peaberries speak for themselves by roasting them lightly, allowing them to offer some of the peaberries key features such as bright acidity, sweetness, and concentrated and complex flavors. This roast also makes a very refreshing iced coffee with bursts of light & bright notes. Each person experiences coffee a little differently, but we taste notes of Cane Sugar, Raisin & Tangerine.

Tsekaka Peaberry • Papua New Guinea


    Elevation: 1480 to 1600 meters
    Varietals: Bourbon,Typica
    Milling Process: Fully Washed
    Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine

    Tsekaka is both the language and the name of the tribal group that owns the Amuliba plantation, where this coffee comes from. The original plantation was started in the mid-1950’s by Norm Plant, an expatriate from Australia. Norm also planted the first trees on the neighboring Sigri Plantation, and was involved in the rapid growth of coffee cultivation in the Highlands region for years. The original plantation has grown significantly and was acquired by the Tsekaka clan in 1978. It currently functions as a coffee plantation and central processing facility for the region, with the owners purchasing cherries from local smallholders as well as growing their own.