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About the project

We at Winchell Mountain Coffee got introduced to the Beach Volleyball team in the fall of 2023. After extensive meetings both in person and over zoom, we knew we wanted to design a line of coffees for the "Sandy Owls", which we are so pleased to introduce! Throughout the process of getting to know this team, we learned how close they are, on and off the sand. This is largely due to the culture their coach and program architect, Capri Starr Grotowski, instilled in these student-athletes. While Capri unfortunately left this earth and us too early, her legacy remains, as her husband, Steve, proudly took over as the Head Coach in Capri's absence.


As student-athletes are faced with more and more opportunities to make money in the NIL space (NAME, IMAGE, LIKENESS), it can sometimes lead to disconnect among teammates. We commend these talented young ladies for earning as a team--TOGETHER! There is no one more important person when it comes to a team and that is what separates winning from losing. All of these student-athletes receive an equal share of the revenues created. The Sandy Owls are not influencers, they are not brand ambassadors, nor are they being paid to advertise this coffee. They are partners in a line of coffee they worked quite hard to bring to life, and we loved working with them! They are a genuinely smart group of hard-working people who we are quite proud to call our partners and friends! As always, we hope you enjoy this coffee half as much as we did, bringing it to life!

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