Show me the Honey | Natural Buzzy Blend
  • Warm weather is here and we are ready to CELEBRATE with this new & exciting coffee blend - SHOW ME THE HONEY! For this blend we sourced one of the most unique beans we've roasted to date: a naturally grown, honey processed, castillo varietal from the Santa Barbara Estate of Antioquia, Colombia.

    What makes this coffee bean so unique? We are most excited about the HONEY PROCESS of this bean (hence the name!) Honey process is a coffee processing method in which coffee cherries are picked and sorted, have their skins and pulps removed like other types of coffee, but are then dried without washing off the sticky-sweet outer layer of the fruit. Since honey process beans spend less time in water than washed beans do, less fermentation occurs, so not as much of the sugar in the bean is converted to acid. The honey process is known for being very eco-friendly, as it uses less water than other coffee processing methods! It is also known for helping to create a beautifully balanced and sweet coffee bean. And just for the record, there’s no actual honey on these beans, despite their name and sticky appearance!

    The honey processed Colombian bean makes up 90% of the blend, and to balance out the sweetness, we blend it with 10% Sumatran beans which bring a earthy and nutty note to the final product.  

    We are very proud of this roast and truly believe it's one of our most special blends to date! The Show me the Honey roast is very seasonal, so get your hands on this buzzy blend before it's gone!

    Show me the Honey | Natural Buzzy Blend