Bajawa Ngura "Komodo Dragon"
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    Like the Komodo Dragons that occupy the island where this coffee is grown, this organic single origin from Flores, Indonesia is very rare and very memorable. Our Bajawa Ngura has exotic & earthy characteristics with a big, bold body and low acidity. This coffee has a long-lasting finish, similar to bittersweet cocoa. We roast this coffee lightly because the bean itself has such big flavor. If you enjoy a complex cup of coffee, this is the one for you. Every one experiences coffee differently, but we taste notes of brown sugar, molasses and cedar.

    Bajawa Ngura "Komodo Dragon"

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    • ORIGIN

      Varietals: Typica, Catimor, Timor hybrids
      Milling Process: Wet hulled
      Drying Process: Sun dried

      The island of Flores in Indonesia was first discovered by the Portuguese in the early 15th century. The Ngada district is where most coffee is grown, located on the slopes of the Inerie Volcano. Within Ngada, coffee is grown on an estimated 6000 hectares of which is 90% Arabica coffee. Coffee tree varieties include a high percentage of S795 Flores, Typica, Catimor and Timor hybrids with shade trees like Bamboo and Juria. All coffee is grown and processed by a cooperative organized by the farmers. There are currently 12 different coops in Bajawa all working together to produce this wonderful coffee.